Real Street Review w/ Patrick Clenney
Clay Kinsey Gets His First R/S Win, Emerald Coast Dragway

Article by Patrick Clenney, Photos by Jason Shiver
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Date: 9/16/06
Track: Emerald Coast Dragway

15 showed and after a night like last night just where do you start to explain what all happened?  It was almost unreal what lead up to this race and continued even into it.  LOTS of WORK going on that is for sure.  More than I know im sure..
A few made a shake down prior to first round and was handed a time slip that just didn't make us feel to good about the day.  However adjustments was made and came around for qualifying.   

Shannon Poole and the BIG DOOKIE was dead on first pass going a 5.7049 and making it look easy.  And after last month with him doing the same thing it realy just didn't sit well with several including myself!  Seriously.. just how many 69 to 71's can be run in two seperate races two different months by the same guy?  He looked to be the man to beat..  but thats only qualifying and things would change second qualifying round.  The big news after qualifying was Shannon moving to #2 qualifyer when I sqeezed one out with a 5.7041 to beat his 5.7049.  Now if those runs could have been side by side in elemintations, IT WOULD BE AWSOME!   

Here's how qualifying went...

1  Patrick Clenney 5.7041 128.92 mph
2  Shannon Poole  5.7049 123.95 mph
3  Robert Vance    5.7339 122.61 mph
4  Zane Presley     5.7501 120.26 mph
5  Ricky Presley     5.7539 127.77 mph
6  Jason Spinks     5.7660 121.00 mph
7  Chip Kooser       5.7950 124.30 mph
8  Tony Davis        5.8129 121.99 mph
9  Winford Holloway5.8334 115.65 mph
10 Clay Kinsey       5.8749 118.45 mph
11 Steve Gilmore    5.9150 117.48 mph
12 Michael Jordan   6.0041 116.72 mph
13 Kelvin Seaborn   5.6250 135.93 mph
-Jeff Peel found water leaking from one head gasket and oil from the other after a test pass.
-Araon from Panama City with the sweet 66 Chevy II was the 15th car but burnt a piston in a test pass.

First Round Eleminations
-Patrick Clenney had a bye 
-Shannon Poole had a bye
-Robert Vance had a bye
-Winford Holloway went a 75 beat Tony Davis
-Zane Presley went a 77 which was good enough to beat Kelvin Seaborn's 5.67
-Michael Jordan beat Rickey Presly on a hole shot with a 6.00 beating a 5.82.
-Clay Kinsey beat Chip Kooser with Chip going red and Clay going a 81
-Jason Spinks goes a 71 to beat Steve Gilmore

Second Round Eleminations
-Patrick Clenney goes a 85 to beat Winford Holloway's 87.  This was a pedal fest with and a ugly run on my part.  Which would lead to a hurt motor.
-Zane Presley goes a 74 to beat Michael Jordan
-Clay Kinsey pulls the upset of the day off going a 5.72 career best so far to beat Shannon Poole's 5.70 on a holeshot!
-Jason Spinks goes a 73 to beat Robert Vance
Round 3 Eleminations..
-Zane Presley runs a career best 5.71 to load Patrick Clenney up.  I ended up with water on two plugs..  Just hoping it head gasket.
-Clay Kinsey goes a 5.80 which is good enough to beat Jason Spinks red light.  Jason runs it out and goes a 5.65.
Clay Kinsey gets the win light and his first R/S win and has just started running.  Both Clay and Zane had indentical lights and it looked close all the way down.   
It was great to see two new faces in the final round.  These guys had fought like hell today and deserve it!!  Zane and his crew was up all night and when I say all night I mean ALL NIGHT!!  He got his heads back on the motor and cranked it up at 3am and found he had a serious knock..  Diagnosed it as a cracked flywheel.  They did not have another one and instead of giving up they pulled the tranny took the flywheel off and welded it back up.  After getting everything back together and finished up they saw the sun rise as it was 8 AM when they finished!   Zane Presley's crew deserves a final round and I think they found a little something in a tune up so look for him to have a few more soon.    

Clay Kinsey was not just sitting back and taking it easy..  He still didnt have his steel doors on the car saturday and knew he had to have them on to be legal or he couldnt race.  He busted tale to get them on and also had changed the intake with a new fogger installed but not yet wired.  He also had a nitrous line leaking bad and luckily I had one.  He got that changed and thrashed to get it wired up between rounds.  On the second pass he found the sweet spot and went the 72.  Very Impressive!


Patrick Clenney

Points After 9/16

Patrick Clenney  29    
Jason Spinks      28
Chip Kooser       24
Rickey Presley    22
Zane Presley      22
Tony Davis        20  
Shannon Poole   18
Winford Holloway12
Alan Rhodes       11  
Clay Kinsey       11
Rickey Shelby    10  
Ralph Lee          9  
Gary Price         9  
Jeff Peel            9
Justin Brixey      6  
John McDonough6  
Perry Stokley     6  
Danny Dunsford  6  
Robert Vance 4
Michael Jordan 4
John Boyden      3    
James Johnson   3    
Matt Birch         3    
Greg Smith        3  
Noble Gooden    3
Steve Gilmore 3
Kelvin Seaborn 3
Gerhard Pieper   2
Aaron 2

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