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Conversation Between jbr and Wilkins 69 Z28
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  1. Wilkins 69 Z28
    02-06-2016 09:58 AM
    Wilkins 69 Z28
    Hey Jim is it ok with you if i list those carbs and leave you as a contact? You could probably tell them more than i could about them. or just call me when you get a sec.
    Thanks man 251 422 5132
  2. Wilkins 69 Z28
    01-03-2016 04:13 PM
    Wilkins 69 Z28
    Jim would you be interested in buying both of those carbs? I know you buy and sale a lot just thought i would ask. if not you can give me a call 422 5132 its time to get rid of a bunch of stuff... Thanks man