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04-20-2016, 10:21 PM
: Oct 2015
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People with light cars don't want a weight limit .....people with 4-bbl Cleveland heads want to rule out any other stock flowing heads....I don't think a lot of cars will show up for a lopsided advantage either way. Warren, all the things you said were reasons people with slow cars can win...are the things that make brackets a level playing field, and entices so many to continue to participate. I don't see a out the back door format for the little guy flourishing anywhere, if there is, enlighten me.
What exactly is 'lopsided' about the rules I listed?

The problem with bracket racing is it is completely dead or dying. Friday night or Sunday afternoon test and tune/grudges racing has been the norm for almost two decades. Even more proof of this fact are shows like Pinks and Street Outlaws. Both of which feature strictly heads up racing.
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