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Melanie Troxel's Other Job - MTI, Inc

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Posted Dec.26

Everyone knows Melanie Troxel has a multi-time NHRA National Event winner or as the engaging wife of fellow driver Tommy Johnson Jr.  Not many people realize that she is also a successful business woman and has some mechanical skills of her own.  Melanie, who started racing when she was 16 years old first competed in a car that was powered by an engine  she rebuilt as a high school project. The daughter of 1988 NHRA Top Alcohol Champion Mike Troxel also owns her own tool manufacturing business, MTI Inc.
MTI, Inc. has been manufacturing top of the line automotive tools for close to two decades.  Owned and operated by racing professionals, the company is closely connected with the racing community and is continually improving their tools to meet the changing demands of the industry.  They invite you to use the same tools that the racing industry relies on and experience the quality that MTI has been built on. Their products include a Bench Valve Spring Compressor and Torque-T Spark Plug Wrench designed for Hemi engines.

Melanie Troxel (l) and husband Tommy Johnson Jr at 2009 PRI Show

Words and Photos by Wade Mooney




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